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Health and wellness are the primary focus at our Austin obgyn practice

The Daily Benefits of Annual Wellness in Our Round Rock OBGYN office

Providing our patients with a better quality of life drives every aspect of our Round Rock OBGYN office. Our team wants to get to know you–your interests, hobbies and goals–so that we can better serve your comprehensive healthcare needs. Regular check-ups, or well woman exams, are the starting point for a lifetime of good health.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists encourages women to see their doctor every year to make a preventive plan, and address big-picture health goals. While Pap smear tests can now be performed less frequently (every three years beginning at age 21), it’s important to schedule an annual wellness visit, including a pelvic exam and breast exam, so that your OBGYN can catch potential problems before they escalate to chronic or life-threatening conditions.

What’s Covered in a Head-to-Toe Annual Wellness Exam?

Preventive medicine focuses on proactive steps you can take to avoid life-altering health issues. When your Round Rock OBGYN sees you for an annual wellness exam, expect to discuss any changes to your health. A physical exam, including a breast exam, pelvic exam, and blood testing will help rule out any cause for concern. Over time, your OBGYN can detect trends in your health history, or blood and hormone levels. A regular pattern of visits lays the groundwork for your OBGYN to take action.

Your annual wellness exam includes time for your OBGYN and clinical care team to:

  • Check blood pressure
  • Monitor weight*
  • Update immunizations
  • Screen for STDs
  • Monitor menopausal symptoms
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

What’s NOT Covered in a Head-to-Toe Annual Wellness Exam?

Any new health concerns or ongoing symptoms associated with chronic conditions that warrant in-depth discussion and additional testing will require a separate appointment.

At Oakwood Women’s Centre, we have earned a reputation for treating women as if they are family. We care about the health and wellness of our OBGYN patients, and will partner with you to achieve your best self. We provide resources that promote patient wellness, and hope that you will take advantage of our programs and services.

You deserve to enjoy a lifetime of good health, growing in confidence and wellness from the very first well woman visit. Your OBGYN can help you make the most of every phase, with wellness strategies that make a difference in every aspect of your life.

Contact us at our Round Rock OBGYN office to schedule an annual wellness exam,.

Well Woman Services

Did you know that Oakwood Women’s Centre offers *on-site body fat composition scans?

Our DEXA Dual X-ray absorptiometry technology provides accurate information for you to apply to a weight loss or conditioning program. The full-body scan supplies information on fat mass, bone mass and lean mass for three regions: arms, trunk and legs.