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Preconception Planning

Preconception planning helps get your future pregnancy off to a good start

When you decide you are ready to start trying to get pregnant, you should consider consulting our Round Rock obgyns for preconception planning. At this appointment, we will discuss your history and any issues that may affect your pregnancy. We will also discuss optimizing natural fertility, lifestyle choices and other issues that will help you get your pregnancy off to a healthy start.

The first step in preconception planning is taking a thorough history

It’s important that our Round Rock obgyns know as much as possible about your family history, as well as that of your partner. There are many hereditary conditions, such as Fragile X syndrome and cystic fibrosis, that can affect your children. If we find an area of concern, we will discuss preconception carrier screening with you to determine whether you or your partner are carriers of any hereditary conditions.

Another important part of preconception planning is your medical history. You will need to share with us important information that can help us prepare you for pregnancy.

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking
  • Your vaccination history, especially concerning German measles (rubella) and chickenpox (varicella), which could harm your baby if you contract them during pregnancy
  • Prior pregnancies, miscarriages and births
  • Past surgeries
  • Your home and work environment

Lifestyle choices are important when you are trying to get pregnant

Part of preconception planning is discussing lifestyle choices that will benefit or harm your baby. There are steps you can take to optimize fertility.

  • It is helpful to start taking a daily prenatal vitamin even before pregnancy to ensure that you are not only getting the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients, but also the correct amount of folic acid. Folic acid is very important due to its role in preventing neural tube defects during the very early months of your baby’s development.
  • Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight before pregnancy not only improves your fertility, but also ensures that your baby is going to be nurtured in the best possible way during pregnancy.
  • Discussing smoking, excessive use of alcohol or any use of recreational drugs is an important conversation we must have during preconception planning. All of these habits are unhealthy for moms-to-be, so we encourage you to stop using these substances.
  • If you work near any toxic substances, it’s important to alter your work or home situation to avoid these.

There are steps you can take to optimize your natural fertility

During your preconception planning appointment, our Round Rock obgyns can give you suggestions for optimizing your natural fertility. These include monitoring ovulation, timing intercourse and more.

Your baby is worth planning for, and we are here to help. If you want to schedule a preconception planning appointment, contact us.

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