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Permanent Birth Control

Oakwood Women’s Centre offers safe and effective permanent birth control

Many women who have had all the children they desire, as well as women who prefer not to ever become pregnant, seek out permanent birth control options. Fortunately, permanent birth control, also known as sterilization, has made incredible technical advances in recent years. Oakwood Women’s Centre offers the latest minimally invasive permanent birth control services:

  • Minimally invasive tubal occlusion

Tubal ligation

Closing off the fallopian tubes, so that sperm and egg cannot meet, effectively and permanently prevents pregnancy. Women sometimes decide to incorporate tubal ligation into their obstetrical hospital stay—immediately after cesarean section (during the delivery procedure) or shortly after vaginal delivery. The timing of this tubal ligation is sometimes called post partum sterilization.

We can also schedule tubal ligation in the Oakwood Surgical Center using a laparoscopic technique. You will be comfortably under general anesthesia while an experienced obgyn performs the procedure using 2-3 tiny incisions in the abdomen.

The benefits of any permanent birth control option include:

  • You will never have to manage, remember or pay for temporary birth control measures again.
  • You don’t have to take hormones.
  • You can rest easy knowing that you won’t have an unplanned pregnancy.

Permanent birth control is a viable option for women who no longer want to have children. Since it is non-reversible, however, women should discuss their situation with their obgyn to make sure that it’s the right choice.

If your family is complete, contact our friendly reception staff at Oakwood Women’s Centre to schedule an appointment.