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What your Round Rock OB/GYN wants you to know about osteoporosis

Women’s health and wellness is always the focus of your Round Rock OB/GYN. Since women are five times more likely than men to get osteoporosis, we would like to educate our patients about this condition.

Osteoporosis defined

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that weakens bones, making them brittle and thin. Weak bones break more easily, and they may break even if you have a seemingly minor fall.

According to some studies, as many as 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 will break at least one bone due to the effects of osteoporosis.

Risk factors you cannot control

Being a woman puts you at greater risk, and so does your age–osteoporosis becomes a bigger concern after menopause. There are additional risk factors for osteoporosis.

  • Being a white or Asian woman
  • Family history
  • Conditions like type 1 diabetes, anorexia nervosa, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and premature menopause
  • Small, thin build or low body weight
  • Certain medications when used long-term—talk to your Round Rock ob/gyn about specific medications

Lifestyle risk factors you can control

Every woman should be concerned about osteoporosis, especially those who are most at risk. Making lifestyle changes can control some risk factors. Women should avoid certain habits that are associated with osteoporosis.

  • Smoking
  • Getting too little vitamin D and/or calcium in your diet
  • Eating a diet with a high intake of salt and protein
  • Drinking more than 2 to 3 alcoholic drinks per day
  • Lack of exercise

Diagnosing and treating osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is sometimes called “the silent killer” because of the lack of symptoms. It is a disease that your Round Rock ob/gyn takes seriously because women with osteoporosis who fall are more likely to die than those who do not.

Menopausal women should have a bone density test, which is a screening test for osteoporosis. Women who have known risk factors should talk to a doctor in our Round Rock OB/GYN office to see if they should be screened.

We treat osteoporosis using a variety of different oral and injectable medications.
Your good health at every age is the goal of every doctor at our Round Rock OB/GYN office. Contact us for an appointment.