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The assurances of advanced treatment and preventative care for a lifetime

Rely on Oakwood Women’s Centre for Comprehensive Gynecologic Services

Women in Round Rock and Austin turn to us for preventive and effective treatment for a broad range of women’s health issues. Our Round Rock gynecologists proactively attend to your concerns. From your first well woman exam through the menopause years, Oakwood Women’s Centre gynecologists are here to serve as trusted experts and reliable resources for issues affecting your health.

From the moment you walk into our Round Rock obgyn office, you can expect to be treated with kindness and respect. Our entire team strives to get to know you so that you will feel comfortable and confident at each visit.

When you partner with one of our seven gynecologists, you will gain access to leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options, broad-based care and a physician dedicated to helping you navigate all of life’s phases, from the reproductive years through the challenges of advancing age.

Preventive Care: Scheduling Your Well Woman and Adolescent Care

Annual visits to an obgyn help establish a health history and point of reference. As time passes, we watch for trends and warning signs that signal that something could be wrong. Every well woman visit begins with a conversation with your obgyn about the state of your health. At your annual well woman visit, we will take steps to ensure that early warning signs do not go unheeded. Regular, diagnostic testing brings peace of mind.

The specialized visit for adolescent care will take into account the sensitive nature of a teen’s first well woman checkup. Our team understands that young women may feel nervous about seeing a gynecologist, and we take steps to answer questions and put each new patient at ease.

*If you have specific health concerns, your obgyn will want to allot the appropriate amount of time to address the issue.

Contraception Consultations for Effective Family Planning

Today’s contraception choices can seem overwhelming, and even when you settle on a family planning method, your needs may change over time. At Oakwood Women’s Centre, we encourage you to schedule one-on-one time with a gynecologist to ensure that you have all the facts, and the birth control option that best suits your needs.

  • Vaginal ring
  • Intrauterine Devices (IUD)
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Injections
  • Birth control patch
  • Under-the-skin implants

Gynecological Services that Relieve Troublesome Symptoms

Painful periods, excessive bleeding or incontinence are not only disruptive, they can signal underlying health problems. Our goal is to foster a doctor-patient relationship that opens the door to effective communication and a lifetime of optimal health and well-being.

Your obgyn has extensive surgical experience in minimally invasive techniques so that you have access to effective treatments for gynecological concerns.

Our goal is to provide compassionate and experienced care. If you have concerns regarding gynecological conditions, or simply need to schedule a well woman exam, we welcome your call.

The Round Rock office of Oakwood Women’s Centre serves generations of women in Round Rock, Austin and Georgetown, and schedules appointments Monday-Thursday from 8-5 and Fridays 8-4. Contact us to secure an appointment with our world-class physicians.