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Find an Obgyn in Round Rock

Need to find an obgyn in Round Rock? Meet our physicians

Whether you’re new to the area, you’re newly pregnant or you just need an obgyn, you likely want to find an obgyn in Round Rock. The highly trained and skilled physicians at Oakwood Women’s Centre have served women in Round Rock for over two decades. We’re conveniently located in the heart of the area and serve women in Round Rock and nearby areas, including Georgetown, Pflugerville and Cedar Park.

Asking about in-house services can help you find an obgyn in Round Rock

When you need to find an obgyn in Round Rock, it’s important to learn more about every aspect of a practice. In-house services save you time and make your busy life a bit easier. Our Round Rock obgyns can provide you with convenient, up-to-date in-house services.

  • DEXA technology to measure bone density
  • Digital 3D mammography
  • CPL lab draw station

Wellness care is important for women of all ages

Preventive care is designed to keep women of all ages at peak health, and is another important feature to look for when you need to find an obgyn in Round Rock. From annual wellness exams to health screenings, our Round Rock obgyns strive to help women stay healthy and detect potential problems in the early stages. We also offer comprehensive contraception services, including traditional birth control methods and long-acting reversible contraceptives, or LARC. Our Round Rock physicians provide permanent birth control, including tubal ligation, which is an in-office procedure.

Our gynecologists have expertise in several areas

Women have different needs at different ages and stages of their lives. Trying to find an obgyn in Round Rock who meets your needs is easier at Oakwood Women’s Centre. Our physicians treat women of all ages, from adolescence to menopause.

Our obstetricians care for routine and high-risk pregnancies

When you find out you’re pregnant, you need a compassionate, experienced obstetrician. Obgyns at Oakwood Women’s Centre have been delivering Round Rock’s babies for over two decades. Our physicians are highly trained and skilled at caring for expecting mothers, whether it’s a routine or a high-risk pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant and you need to find an obgyn in Round Rock, it’s important to find out where your obstetrician delivers babies. Our moms have their babies at Round Rock Medical Center, which has the largest Level IIB Neonatal Intensive Care unit in Williamson County.

Our obgyns are trained in state-of-the-art surgical techniques

If you require surgery, you will benefit from the procedures that our skilled surgeons offer. Minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques offer faster recovery time and fewer complications.

If you need to find an obgyn in Round Rock, we hope you will consider Oakwood Women’s Centre. We establish lasting relationships with our patients and look forward to seeing new faces. Contact us for more information or an appointment with our Round Rock obgyns.

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