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Choosing an Obgyn

Choosing an obgyn is an important healthcare decision

Our Round Rock obgyns understand that choosing an obgyn is a very personal decision. The physician you choose will get to know you intimately, so you need to feel comfortable with them. You should also feel confident that your physician has the experience and the knowledge to care for you at every age and stage of your life.

It’s important to do your research when choosing an obgyn

Research matters when choosing an obgyn. Go to the physician’s website and look at his or her biographical information. All of our providers are highly qualified and educated. Some of our physicians focus more on gynecological care, including minimally invasive surgery, while others focus on obstetrics, including high-risk pregnancy care. If you investigate our physician’s biographical information, you will find that at least one of our Round Rock obgyns suits your needs.

Find out more about your obgyn’s hospital affiliation

When choosing an obgyn, you may want to investigate your potential physician’s hospital affiliations. Our Round Rock obgyns work at two facilities.

  • Oakwood Surgery Center in Round Rock, an outpatient facility affiliated with St. David’s HealthCare. Our physicians perform gynecological surgery at this center.
  • David’s Round Rock Medical Center. Our Round Rock obgyns perform gynecological surgery and deliver babies at this facility, which features a Level II NICU.

Ask about wellness care

Your obgyn should be more than someone you see when you are pregnant or having a problem. When choosing an obgyn, it’s important to pick a physician who makes wellness care a top priority.

Keeping you healthy is our goal. We urge patients to have annual wellness exams, health screenings, breast exams and pap smears. We also provide a variety of contraception options.

You should expect excellent and diverse gynecology services

You never know what type of problem you may encounter, so you want an obgyn who has experience and knowledge diagnosing and treating a variety of gynecology issues. When choosing an obgyn, find out about their experience with surgery. Our Round Rock obgyns are highly trained and skilled in state-of-the-art surgical techniques, including minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

It’s important to find an obgyn who has experience with high-risk pregnancies

Hopefully, you will have a routine pregnancy, but if you do have a high-risk pregnancy, you want to know that your obgyn can handle it. Our Round Rock obgyns have more than 14 decades of combined experience treating women with high-risk pregnancies.

When choosing an obgyn, find out which services they offer on-site

Last, but not least, when choosing an obgyn, ask about the services they offer on-site. For our patients’ convenience, our Round Rock obgyns offer several options on-site.

Our compassionate physicians and dedicated staff are accepting new patients. If you are in the process of choosing an obgyn, consider our Round Rock obgyns. Contact us for more information or to make your first appointment.

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