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5 things new parents need to know about circumcision

Expectant and new parents often worry about whether or not circumcision is right for their newborn baby boy. Our Round Rock obgyns know that it helps to understand the procedure and weigh the pros and cons.

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History of the Pill

A Round Rock obgyn gives her take on the pill that revolutionized women’s lives

Before the pill, women didn’t have many options for birth control. Condoms, diaphragms, foams, spermicides and the rhythm method were the choices available to many women;

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Inducing Labor

Beyond Pitocin—3 lesser known methods for inducing labor

Most women immediately think of the medication Pitocin, a synthetic type of oxytocin, when they think of inducing labor. Oxytocin is an important hormone that causes uterine contractions.

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