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5 things new parents need to know about circumcision

CircumcisionExpectant and new parents often worry about whether or not circumcision is right for their newborn baby boy. Our Round Rock obgyns know that it helps to understand the procedure and weigh the pros and cons.

A circumcision is a simple, quick procedure to remove a baby’s foreskin. It is performed by your obgyn, pediatrician or family physician. If the baby is healthy, the procedure often takes place in the hospital soon after birth.

  1. Pain relief is available during and after circumcision.

    Many people worry about the pain the baby will experience during the procedure. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using safe, effective pain medications during and after the circumcision. Ask the physician who is performing your baby’s circumcision about using anesthesia for the procedure.

  2. Circumcision offers some medical benefits.
    • Lower risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
    • Lower risk for developing urinary tract infections
    • Lower risk of penile cancer, although this is an extremely rare cancer
    • Improved hygiene
  3. The procedure also comes with some risks, but complications are rare.

    Circumcision is a relatively safe procedure, with very few complications. Complications include infection, minor bleeding, or very rarely, removing too much or too little foreskin.

  4. It’s important to keep the baby’s circumcision area clean.

    After the procedure, you should receive instructions about how to keep the circumcision area clean while it heals, which generally takes between a week and ten days. You can clean the site with water and mild soap, if needed, but no diaper wipes. Ask your physician for more tips on circumcision care.

  5. If you do not have your son circumcised, it’s important to learn how to properly clean his uncircumcised penis.

    Some parents worry about hygiene if they do not choose circumcision, but parents, boys and men can learn to keep the uncircumcised penis clean. Ask your physician to show you cleaning techniques. As your son gets older, show him how and/or ask his pediatrician or family doctor for tips.

Circumcision is a personal choice that parents make based on their personal and religious beliefs. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can make an informed decision and feel confident that you have done what is right for you and your new baby. Our Round Rock obgyns are always happy to answer questions. Contact us today.


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