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3D Mammograms for Dense Breasts

3D mammograms have proven benefits for women with dense breasts

Our Round Rock obgyns now offer 3D mammography, in addition to the 2D mammograms we have always provided. 3D mammograms, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, provide radiologists with a detailed, three-dimensional image of breast tissue. 3D mammograms take place in our offices and are performed with the same scanner that we use for 2D mammograms. It only requires approximately one more minute of your time per breast. Studies have shown that 3D mammograms are particularly beneficial for women with dense breasts.

A study presented to the 100th meeting of the Radiologic Society of North America provided definitive evidence that 3D mammograms detected cancer better than 2D mammograms in women with dense breasts.1

3D mammograms can detect breast cancer that may be hidden on a 2D image

Dense breast tissue has more non-fatty tissue and gland tissue than breasts that are not dense. The problem is that both breast cancer tissue and gland tissue appear white on a 2D mammogram image, while fatty tissue appears dark. This makes it more difficult to detect cancer in dense breasts.

3D mammograms help to overcome this problem by providing three dimensional images. This enhanced view helps radiologists detect more cancer and have fewer false positive results, resulting in fewer women having to have additional testing to determine whether something they saw in the initial study was actually cancerous tissue.

In a 2D image, small cancers can be difficult to detect because the flat image may hide or disguise the cancerous tissue. 3D mammograms provide more detailed images, catching cancers that may have been hidden by overlapping tissue.

Discuss the benefits of 3D mammograms for dense breasts with our Round Rock obgyns

In the State of Texas, the law says that women have to be informed when they have dense breasts. Dense breasts definitely make it more difficult to detect breast cancer using 2D mammograms. Discuss your concerns about dense breasts, as well as the benefits of having yearly 3D mammograms, with our Round Rock obgyns. We are your partner in breast cancer prevention and detection. Contact us today.

1Evidence Mounts for Benefits of 3D Mammography. Medscape. Dec 04, 2014.


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